Evolutionary Cognition Lab

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Research Collaborators

 Dr Simone Favelle

 University of Wollongong

Work together on Face and object recognition, and facial signaling 

Dr Megan Willis

Australian Catholic University

Work together on social signaling in faces

 Dr Rachel Bennetts

University of Bournemouth

Work together on dynamic face recognition

 Associate Professor Andrew Barron

 Macquarie University

 Work together on evolution of attractiveness

Dr Linda Campbell

University of Newcastle

Work together on social signalling in faces in people on the ASD spectrum, and suffering form PND.

Dr Rachel Robbins 

University of Western Sydney 

Work together on face and body recognition mechanisms

Associate Professor Romina Palermo

University of Western Australia 

Work together on social signaling in faces, especially expression recognition mechanisms.  

Professor Elinor McKone

Australian National University 

Work together on face recognition mechanisms 

Apple Mac computers 

Since 1989, they have been instrumental to all of the research I have done, from the early days when they were the only machines around that could do graphics properly, through the awkward years of the early 1990s, to the masterful, beautiful machines that they are today - Macs have always inhabited the labs I've been in (and always will)

Past collaborators

Associate Professor Steve Roodenrys

University of Wollongong 

Worked together on implict learning 

 Dr Kevin Woo

State University of New York (Empire State)

Worked together on lizard vision 

Associate Professor Stephen Palmisano


University of Wollongong 

Worked together on face processing and self motion perception

Associate Professor Ben Dascombe

Work together on perceptual and cognitive aspects of sports performance

Professor Will Hayward

University of Aukland 

Worked together on face and object recognition

Dr Richard Peters 

La Trobe University

Worked together on lizard vision 

Professor Peter Wenderoth 

My Honours and PhD supervisor.

We worked together on basic visual perception - especially of motion -and he worked on making me a proper scientist.